For health professionals


Are you ready to have the CHAT?

You can help prevent COPD exacerbations this winter.

Have the CHAT with your patients

Health professionals are urged to follow our 6 easy steps to ensure their COPD patients stay well and out of hospital this winter.

Are you ready? Complete this checklist for each patient with COPD

  • Recall all patients with COPD
  • Check for COPD exacerbation symptoms
    • Coughing more than usual.
    • Harder to breathe than usual.
    • Any change in sputum (phlegm).
    • Tired more than usual (less active).
  • Schedule their vaccinations (influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia)
  • Review their COPD Medicines (see Stepwise Management of Stable COPD)
  • Review their inhaler device technique
  • Develop their COPD Action Plan
  • Refer to pulmonary rehabilitation
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